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Founded in 2010 by Nuri Icgoren, Urban Sprout Farms is a Certified Organic Urban Farm using permaculture and biodynamic techniques and philosophies.

Bio = life | Dynamic = energy. Permaculture is the development of permanent agricultural ecosystems designed to be self-sufficient and sustainable. In short, we create hyper-effective and efficient close loop systems.

Our philosophies and practices are focused on healing nature by healing and enhancing the biodiversity of our community. Water, our most important resource, is our main focus. We have developed our facility to collect the maximum amount of run-off water and direct it into future living creek and pond systems in a recalculating zero waste system.


We produce fresh food for our community and encourage community involvement. 

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As biodynamic farmers we are unique in several important ways. First, we make our own compost with added beneficial herbs, flowers and fungi for remediation of urban green waste. We also make our own soil amendments and liquid fertilizers from our own compost. Secondly, we grow vegetables from seed. We plant, cultivate and harvest on days correlating to the moon cycles and ideal conditions for plant types. Finally, we share and partner with other farmers to exchange insights, crops, seeds and raw material. 

Unfortunately, our culture of convenience has been conditioned to expect everything be accessible and quick. We are striving to show that the fast, quick-package model isn't a sustainable or healthy one for food. Slower production yields a higher quality of food, and we are educating the community one visit, conversation, purchase, and taste at a time!

The demand for our produce is a testament to the success of Urban Sprout Farms. Our produce is highly prized by our community patrons, as well as many local restaurants, schools and civic organizations.